I'm Brazilian, living in Switzerland since 2004, and loving food since I can remember. 14 years ago, I started to work as a waitress, and after that, I worked in the many kitchens.  

Since then, I just couldn't get out of the food industry, because I love it so much, and cooking has clearly become my true passion! It excites me to discover new delicious flavours and look for new creative recipes. I believe that through food, we show our love and give our best to our family, friends or just ourselves.

I cook when I'm happy, and I cook to get happy!

Working from simple take out places, to fancy restaurants, I've learned that cooking is not only about buying expensive and rare products, it's also about being creative with the things that you already have at home. 

My goal is to show my clients how easy, quick and fun it can be to cook with fresh, organic ingredients. It is my specialty to find new ways to create deliciously healthy foods, and I cannot wait for you to try this!