Dynamic Digestion Workshop


Dynamic Digestion Workshop

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In Ayurveda, it is said that we are not what we eat, but rather what we digest. Digestion is of utmost importance in staying healthy because it is responsible for our overall wellbeing. It is actually said that the root cause of all our illness stems from improper digestion. 

We are so happy to announce that we created a relaxing Workshop, focusing on the Digestive System, vital topic, that we usually don't pay much attention to. 

In this Workshop we will talk about:

-  How to improve and support digestion through yoga, meditation, breathing, essential oils,

 and whole food supplements.

-  How the digestive system works 

- The role of emotions and mind on digestion 

We offer:

- 90 minutes yoga practice to boost your digestion

- Lecture about the Digestive System 

- Ayurvedic Vegan Lunch Bag

- Goodie Bag

13th April - Saturday

10 am - 1:30 pm

NILU Yoga Studio

Ludretikonerstrasse 10

8800 Thalwill 

No refunds available

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